Mid Century Modern Interiors Ideas

Mid Century Modern Decor Accessories

Mid century modern interiors-Decorate your home with a modern style for a clean, sophisticated look. Use a minimalist approach by selecting streamlined furniture and decor items. Stick with a stylish neutral palette when painting walls and picking decorative textiles, such as blankets and curtains. Add unexpected pop of color to liven up the white, gray or light brown furniture. A mid century modern interiors style will give your home a fresh, uncluttered look.


Set the stage for mid century modern interiors by painting your living room walls a crisp white shade. Choose a white, black, slate gray or taupe sofa and sofa sets with wide cushions and a low frame. Add a splash of color to the furniture with red throw blankets and matching decorative pillows. Choose a glass-topped coffee table with polished chrome legs.

Decorate your kitchen with stylish, modern touches. Replace worn countertops with polished granite versions. Install chrome or stainless steel sink fixtures. Install chrome knobs on cabinets and drawers. Use silver vases with elegant white calla lilies as a table centerpiece. Counter the industrial look by placing the living green plants, such as herbs, on the countertops and shelves.

Improve the bedroom with a clean, minimalist style. Decorate the bed with a fluffy white duvet and several black and white decorative pillows. Add softness to the wooden floors with plush white carpets. Hang framed prints featuring vibrant red, green, blue and yellow geometric patterns.