Mid Century Modern Curtains In The Dining Room

Mid Century Modern Curtain Fabric

Mid century modern curtains-Whether you are remodeling your entire dining room are just looking for a bit drab, the modern curtains you choose for your dining room make or break the look of the room. Choosing curtains to match the feeling you are trying to achieve. Mid century modern curtains tend to see their place in an informal dining, and clean, short curtains rarely work in a formal room.

Keep it simple

For a more casual look, keep it simple. Using roman shades of a single color or simple pattern, such as vertical stripes, a small, informal dining or a la nook. Try woven blinds in color to brighten up stick by single curtain panels. If you do not feel the need to open and close your window treatments, hang a basic curtain panel from a one-of-a piece of wood nailed to the top of the window to hold the fabric in place.

Contact with the floor

If you want a more formal look in your dining room, do your mid century modern curtains contact with the floor. You can hang the curtains start right above the window, or to make the room look longer, place your modern curtain rods to the ceiling so that your curtain panels touch the ceiling. For a romantic, formal look, leave at the end of each panel elegant puddle on the floor.