Mid Century Modern Console Ideas

Awesome Mid Century Modern Console

Mid century modern console – If you remember well, the for the next season were characterized by say goodbye to rustic weddings that have been so fashionable in recent years, and welcome celebrations spirit much more sophisticated and elegant. In this article, we give you the possibility that inspires with better consoles 50s.

Mid century modern console, the style is called mid century modern, or modern style not only refers to the interior design but encompasses it and the architectural, graphic and product design, describing the significant revolution of modern design mid-twentieth century. Regarding the interior design is filled with an unmistakable style icons such as the Tulip chair (1955-56) of Eero Saarinen, the Egg chair (1958) by Arne Jacobsen, the Lounge chair (1956) Eames, and So many designs of pure and simple lines of the 50s, sculptural designs long reproduced but never out of fashion.

Although the mid century modern console style does not consist of collecting icons or reproductions of the same, neither is it difficult to achieve or, more importantly, to adapt to a style of its own. So you can choose which one vendor of consoles. Below are images of mid-century console ideas from any manufacturer, hope you get ideas.