Futuristic Mid Century Modern Bar Cart

Mid Century Modern Bar Cart Furniture

Mid century modern bar cart – In the world of hospitality and we have seen a varied range of local, from bars to restaurants, to ice cream parlors and bakeries. In all we have seen different styles, with a casual air, close to all audiences with dyes vintage, other more elitist and even some design futuristic. Each one with its style, its particularities and its public, and all with an interior design that does not neglect any detail.

A mid century modern bar cart can be created with metal plates nailed to it. They can be placed continuously, one after another creating a set with the anchor screws, or placing them in such a way that they appear to come out of each other as in the image that follows. Regardless of the base material, the use of letters, words or whole phrases is a good way to decorate the bar. In these cases, it is preferable that the material itself is in the background to highlight the typography.

The lighting can be applied with a led strip hidden under the projection of the counter or be the absolute protagonist of the mid century modern bar cart, backlighting the entire volume. For this it is frequent to use plastic materials that allow light to pass through them.