Creating Mid Century Modern Plant Stand

Mid Century Modern Plant Stand Brown

Mid century modern plant stand – Most start mid century have the skills required to do their own plant stands. Of a rack of newspapers is not just a conversation piece, it’s a new way to recycle. With no glue or cutting involved, you can also read newspapers again if you want. A wooden slat mid century modern plant stand is small enough to tuck away until needed and provides protection for your expensive furniture.

Wood Plant Stand

Cut 1-by-1-inch wood into 12 pieces, each 12 inches long. Sand the wood, including the ends, with 200-grit sandpaper. Brush the sand dust from wood with a soft cloth. End the strips of wood with paint or stain, as desired. Seal finished wood with clear varnish to protect it from water damage.

Place the two pieces of wood 11 inches apart on your workspace. Add five pieces of wood evenly distributed over these two pieces. The short ends of the bars line up on top of the long ends of the crosspieces, queue exactly. Attach these cross pieces with wood glue, placing a heavy book on top until the glue dries. Turn the piece over and apply wood glue to slats barely cross pieces on each end and set the last two pieces of wood butted against the crosspieces. Place a plant on the mid century modern plant stand. The wooden frame keeps the pot from resting directly onto furniture, possibly causing water or other damage.